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Add: Room 1101-1102, (King Hall), No. 1, Lane 42, Xingning Road, Ningbo, CHINA 

Office Tel: 0086-574-87703514

     87703594 / 87702714

E-mail: 13738850711@163.com




1.If you buy online quality how do the bad things?

We guarantee the quality of products, you can buy, if the customer has received the product breakage or other problems, you can contact us, we will be the first time to solve your problem. 

Call the hotline: 0086-574-87703514 / 87703594 / 87702714.

2.When purchasing products through the website have a problem how to do?

You can call 0086-574-87703514 advice.

3.If I want to purchase a little more discount products?

Hello, Im glad you can buy our products, for the purchase of the product of the numbers, we can communicate, try to give you the biggest discount.

4.How to get more product information?

To learn more, you can always contact us or leave your contact information, we will contact you as soon as possible.